iRobot Roomba 880

The iRobot Roomba 880 lived up to its renown and did not disappoint in our test. It proved to clean very well in the bare floor test. It also picked up surface debris on our low-pile carpet and cleaned well along the wall. The top-scoring robot in our simulated home environment, Roomba 880 picked up 95% of the soil from the floors across two “rooms” with furniture. This unit has a side brush that helps sweep debris stuck in corners to direct it toward the vacuum’s dirt opening for pickup.


  • Excellent pickup on bare floors and along edges
  • Very good pickup of surface debris on carpet
  • Initial setup was very easy, and controls are intuitive for everyday use
  • Maneuvered excellently around obstacles
  • Fall prevention sensors stop robot from falling down stairs
  • Low profile allowed robot to go under furniture


  • In the spot clean mode, the side brush scattered the debris, which made it more difficult to pick up